Our firm has a long history of serving the needs of clients in Washington and Idaho. We provide a full range of legal services, including criminal defense, family law, and personal injury representation. We offer a free telephone consultation for criminal cases.

Esser and Sandberg


**Note that the fees below are typical, but may not apply in every case.  We reserve the right to refuse any case, as we may have a conflict of interest, or the case just may not be a good fit.

  • DUI in Whitman County:  $2,500 flat fee, which covers representation in the criminal matter and the Department of Licensing administrative hearing.  Costs to be paid by client in addition to flat fee, which primarily consists of the DOL hearing request fee ($375).  Additional fee due if the case proceeds to jury trial.  Fee only applies to non-felony DUI cases, and only applies when DUI is the only charge that the client is facing.
  • Other Whitman County Misdemeanors:  Typically $1,500 flat fee (plus additional fee if case proceeds to jury trial).  Fee may vary depending on number of charges a potential client is facing, criminal history, etc.  Some cases (e.g. simple Minor In Possession case) may be a little less, and others (Domestic Violence cases) may be a little more.
  • Felony Fee:  Varies depending on complexity of case.
  • Contested Divorce in Whitman, Latah, Nez Perce or Asotin Counties:  $3,500 Advance Fee Deposit, billed at $250/hr of attorney time.  Client responsible for costs.  Advance Fee Deposit means that the funds are deposited into our trust account, and the attorney fees are billed against the funds in trust as they are incurred.  In divorce cases in particular, time is money.  The more complex the case, the more it will cost.  If the case is concluded and the funds have not been exhausted, the remaining funds in trust will be returned.  If the case is not concluded and the funds in trust have been exhausted, additional funds will need to be deposited for attorney’s representation to continue.
  • Basic Estate Planning:  $250 to draft Basic Will.  “Basic Will” primarily means a Will in which a client wishes to leave everything to his/her spouse, and to his/her children in equal shares if predeceased by spouse.  $100 for Power of Attorney document.  Attorney retains discretion as to whether a situation is eligible for this pricing.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:  $1,500 flat fee, which includes $335 filing fee.
  • Vacating Criminal Convictions$750 flat fee, if client meets all of the criteria to have his/her felony or misdemeanor conviction vacated (see here for those criteria), and the  matter is eligible to be filed in Whitman County District or Superior Court.

 All other cases are priced on a case-by-case basis.